Three Benefits

Our micro set screw (DELscrew) which is manufactured by modified our self-developed Cam type automatic Lathe with the microcomputer-control has three featuring points.

[The Benefit of choosing DELscrew] Feature 1

A thread cutting die.JPG We provide high quality a set screw, a precision set screw, and good technical service to customers. The reason is, all of our screw is manufactured by microcomputer control Cam type Automatic lathe with cutting work using a special cutting tool, a threading chaser (cemented carbide) for screw thread. Basically, at other companies Cam type they have, a screw thread is manufactured using die (steel), and it causatively often happened defective products like incomplete thread and a deficiency of screw thread.

byte Our cemented carbide cutting tool is more hard than Die steel, and it has resistance to abrasion, also it reduce the rate of deterioration of the effective diameter. Based on the above result, we are keeping manufacture to provide our customer high quality without the occurrence of defective product.

[The Benefit of choosing DELscrew] Feature 2

Our automatic lathe.JPG Manufacturing processes and cutting tools to provide high production flexibility by our Cam type.This Cam type automatic Lathe was modified to SAIDA specification, which the ultimate tool for creating mass production. It is a key difference from CNC. The ability can be produced a single steel set screw in less than two seconds,on 24-hours operation, a production rate of up to 35,000screws per day is possible. Our Cam-type automatic Lathe have enough flexibility to meet your needs.

[The Benefit of choosing DELscrew] Feature 3

Achieve a low price and we can also produce stable products by our refined Cam type automatic Lathe. Since establishment in 1965, over many years of experience in the industry and we continue providing slotted screws. For example, to make a thread by a dies is difficult which number of screw is small. Our screw is easy to make it the screw thread because it is processed by special cutting tool and remodeling Cam type automatic Lathe in-house. Incomplete thread is processable within 1 thread.


Cam-type Automatic Lathes

Cam-type Automatic Lathe of Microcomputer Control       Operator Control Panel

Our manufacturing machines are Cam-type automatic lathe of headstock movement-type.
Breakdown of Cam-type Automatic Lathes of Microcomputer Control (as of Sept. 3, 2020)

We had remodeled the old cam-type automatic lathes, and so now, our cam-type automatic lathes control the movement of the camshaft by a microcomputer. Therefore, our cam-type automatics lathes can do the manufacture of screw thread by the threading chaser in the same way as NC type automatic lathes. The best feature of our manufacturing technology is small precision parts can be manufactured efficiently. We remodeled old cam-type automatic lathes, into new cam-type automatic lathes of microcomputer control. Our cam-type automatic lathes, a thread of screw is manufactured by the threading chaser by micro computer control.

Therefore, screw thread is a high quality. Our cam-type automatic lathes have mechanism of pick up for screw slotting. We can collect all the small parts which manufactured, because our cam-type automatic lathes pick up a part. The NC type automatic lathes are the excellent machines for making the complex processing. For example, it can process the side hole by drill, the internal thread by tap, and the D-cut by end milling. The old days, complex shape's parts were manufactured by more than one machine, but now, they can be manufactured by one NC type automatic lathe. The cam-type automatic lathes cannot do the manufacture of complicated parts such as the above.

However, they manufacture the simple shape parts in shorter times than the NC-type automatic lathes. They are the very superior machine to manufacture a lot of parts with a low cost. In a sentence of this next, explain "The manufacture of thescrew threadby the threading chaser". From old days, the general-purpose lathes process a screw thread by the threading chaser by the master screw and the combination gears. Current NC-type automatic lathes process a screw thread by the threading chaser by computer control. In general cam-type automatic lathes, the manufacture of screw thread by the threading chaser is impossible.


Machine Tools

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Machine Manufacturer Model Unit Photo
Carbide Tool Grinder
(XYZ 3 axis with magnescale)
Wire-Electrical Discharge Machine
FANUC α-0iD 1
NC Control Drilling Machine
FANUC α-T14iB 1
Cylindrical Grinder SHIGIYA G-18 1
Surface Grinder
(YZ 2 axes with magnescale)
Vertical Milling Machine ENSHU   1
Horizontal Milling Machine ENSHU   1
Vertical Drilling Machine
(XY 2 axes with magnescale)
Lathe WASHINO LR-55A 1
Precision Honing Machine HUJI FB-2 1
Balancing Machine AKASHI FH-214G 1
Automatic Drill Grinder OSG RDG-13 1
Bench Lathe EGURO LB-6,PH6L-4H
Making Lathe of Cam NOMURA   1
Small Drilling Machine KIRA KID-420
Vertical Bandsaw AMADA V-300 1